Co Ba

Co ba is a cute Vietnamese restaurant in Chelsea. The menu is inspired by traditional Vietnamese food stalls which in Vietnam are called Co Bas.

The menu is fairly limited but then again, so is my knowledge of Vietnamese food! 99% of my Vietnamese food consumption is alongside one of my best friends Vicky, who is in fact Vietnamese and has the same taste buds I do...I always trust her to point me in the right direction!

This occasion we were celebrating Vicky's upcoming trip to Vietnam and decided to meet up at Co Ba for brunch!

The brunch menu features three hearty combo meals with *UNLIMITED* Mimosa, Bloody Marry, Lychee Bellini, Vodka kumquat limeade Or House limeade(non alcohol) and coffee or tea for $21.95!

Includes choice of vegetarian or poached shrimp soft rolls,
mixed greens, fried egg, and jasmine rice and choose one Com meal (beef, chicken or tofu)

Includes tofu tamarind soup, mixed greens salad w/sesame soy dressing,
fried seafood dumplings, and choice of sandwich

Includes bowl of rice stick noodles in oxtail broth served with sliced sirloin,
bean sprouts, fresh herbs, side of mixed green salad w/sesame soy dressing
and choice of sandwich

Vicky ordered Combo A with the Cơm BÒ LÚC LC which was sweet soy & sake marinated beef sirloin and onion served over jasmine with vegetarian soft rolls, mixed greens and fried eggs on the side. She loved it!

I was craving Pho and ordered off of the regular lunch menu. I went with the Pho Ba which was rice sticks in an oxtail broth served with sliced sirloin,bean sprouts,and fresh herbs...

It was so good! And anyone who knows me (from this blog or otherwise) knows that I Iike my food EXTRA SPICY! Every few spoonfuls I added a little bit more chili pepper sauce until it was just on the edge of blowing my head off! Some might call me crazy but I love it! 

The hot pepper sauce drastically changed the color of my broth...ha! 

The dinner menu has a much larger selection and is very reasonably priced (the most expensive dish is $20). I think when Vicky gets back from Vietnam we should head to Co Ba to look at her pictures and reminisce about her fabulous trip ;)  

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