Bann has become one of the premiere Korean restaurants in New York City and actually isn’t even located in NYC’s famous Koreatown (Koreatown is located in midtown -- bordered by 31st and 36th Streets and Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenues). Bann is nearby…in midtown on west 50th street. Bann is known for it’s authentic yet upscale Korean BBQ, and is in complete contrast with the mom and pop Korean BBQ joints located in Koreatown! The decor is swanky and modern while each table is still fitted with a smokeless grill where you can cook your own fresh marinated meats and seafood to your liking.

We started out with with wings for an appetizer. They were spicy, sweet, sticky, and yummy!

spicy honey chili glazed crispy chicken wings with pickled sweet & sour daikon

We then moved on to ordering dinner...All of the barbeque dishes are freshly marinaded and delivered raw to the table! We went with the small platter which included veggies, short rib, rib eye, and shrimp.  

Small Platter
Kal Bi (short rib) , Bul Go Gi (rib eye) , Sae Woo (shrimp)

All BBQ dishes are also served with house romaine salad, rice, assorted 'namul' side dishes & lettuce wraps

 Assorted 'namul' side dishes & lettuce wraps

We had so much fun cooking our food and creating different combinations of lettuce wraps! I'm so excited to take my husband here! He'll love the little grill and being able to control the cooking so that he can enjoy his steak just the way he likes it...still mooing!! 

We also tried the chicken fried was good, but pretty standard! It did make a nice addition to the BBQ though so I'd recommend getting a noodle or rice dish in addition! 

wok fried rice with bean sprouts, egg & scallion

Lastly we shared a dessert...the Soju Banana Sabayon...

The dessert was soju & banana flavored custard over mixed berries and was served with sweet sesame wafers. I hated this dessert…to me it tasted just like melted banana NOW & LATER candies….yuck!

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