Juice Generation

I've gone out to get a fresh smoothie or two in the past but have never sought out a fresh juice concoction! My friend Melissa moved to California (see her adventures here: It's my way, through LA! ) and her health nut brother got her into juicing! 

She's here visiting and while out and about she talked me into getting some juice! We headed to Juice Generation who are known for their premium-quality juices which are made to order from fresh vegetables and fruits! 

The raw juices are bursting with flavor not to mention vitamins, minerals and enzymes that store-bought juices loose in the heating process!

Melissa had the Mr. Greenegenes which is apple, pear, mango, banana & spirulina. Hers tasted much better than mine!

I figured go big or go home so I tried one that was all veggies...the Veg-O-Mite which contains carrot, parsley, beet, celery, tomato & ginger. I was a little grossed out at first by mine but after drinking the whole thing I had a ton of energy and was craving more fresh juice! After hearing all about Melissa's delicious juice recipes I'm thinking that I need to get a juicer for home!

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