The Redeye Grill

The Redeye Grill derives its name from the infamous late-night flight linking two of America's greatest cities.  The centerpiece of the restaurant is the fabulous dancing shrimp, sushi, and raw bar! 

The menu at the Redeye features a few dishes that are prepared table-side. We started with the chicken cobb (our only non seafood dish of the night!) and it was delicious! It's a HUGE salad so we shared one between 4 people and still have some left over! 

Cobb Salad

The other dish we ordered that was served table-side was the Dover Sole. Which was twenty two ounces and served with perfectly crisp asparagus spears and a lemon-caper brown butter sauce on the side! It's defiantly big enough to share and THANK GOODNESS because it's a whopping $68!! 

The sole was worth every penny, super delicate but incredibly buttery and decadent! The only criticism we had was unfortunately we had a table close to the door and while our waiter de-boned the fillets the door opened a few times and our fish was not served warm.   

Dover Sole 

The other entree we shared was the George’s Bank Scallops which were perfectly seared and had a nice crust on the outside! They were served with applewood smoked bacon, fresh peas and quail egg. Scallops are not my favorite thing out of the ocean so this wasn't my favorite of the evening but they were certainly very well done! 

George’s Bank Sea Scallops

Making sure we squeezed in one more type of seafood while we were here, we also tried the lobster mac and cheese! I'm sure you can tell from the picture below, it was extremely cheesey and full of huge pieces of sweet lobster! A few bites of this rich delicious side was a perfect fit with lighter seafood we were enjoying alongside!

Lobster Mac & Cheese 

The Redeye Grill a fantastic place to enjoy amazing seafood while sightseeing in midtown Manhattan! It's fifty feet from Carnegie Hall and located within walking distance to Times Square, 5th Avenue, Radio City Music Hall, Columbus Circle, Broadway Theaters, Central Park...and the list goes on. It's in a great location! 

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