Henry's is up in my neighborhood and is a great find! 
My husband and I went here for a laid back valentine's day dinner last year and 
it's been one of our favorites since! A few months ago I was super happy to see 
Henry's Chef Mark Barrett featured on The Food Network's show Chopped! 
(he was eliminated after the entree round...boo...)

Out last trip to Henry's was when my folks were in town. After parading them all over the city for "the best pasta", "the best steak", "the best tappas" and on and on... we decided to stay close to home and take them to Henry's to show them a little more of our neck of the woods and introduce them to one of our favorites! They loved the food and the ambience and have asked that next time they're here we do more exploring of the upper west side!

We started with meatballs and calamari. The meatballs were awesome, the sweet san marzano sauce was perfect with the wonderfully tender meatballs. I love a side of meatballs as an appetizer so I was super happy to know that Henry's does them so well! 

Baked Ricotta Meatballs - san marzano tomato sauce with tuscan toast

The calimari was also good! Nothing extrememly special to write about but a great addition to our meal!

Fried Calamari - spicy tomato sauce, ancho chili aioli

The Mussels at Henry's are world famous... if you know me! I talk about them all the time because they are the best I've ever had! I'm obsessed with the jalapeños in the broth and the portion size is insane, you get a huge bucket full! Since I had been raving about these so much my husband and Dad also ordered them! I love having mussels and fries so we also ordered some fries to share! 

Steamed Prince Edward Island Mussels - 
champagne-tomato broth, jalapeño, parsley with grilled garlic bread

My Mom went with the farfalle. I'd never tried this dish before and was shocked by how good it was! I usually try to stay away from pasta (even though it's soooo good!!) and this will definaty be worth the splurge in the future. The only problem is...can I abandon the mussels to order this?! 

Farfalle - sweet sausage, peas, red pepper, garlic, tomato

Many Manhattan restuarants have exquisite food but are tiny, crowded, and noisey but the atmosphere at Henry's is the exact opposite! In the summer months they even have outdoor seating and it's a great spot for people watching! Check it out, you won't be sorry!

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