Rafiqi’s -- the “chain” of cart food! 
They have several locations around the city...
one of which is across the street from my office!

When I get halal food I usually order the chicken or chicken & lamb combo over salad with a little bit of white sauce and a lot of hot sauce! When I tried Rafiqi’s I ordered the chicken over salad! A bonus with Rafiqi’s is that they have a small little salad bar inside the cart with lettuce, tomato, black olives, corn, black beans, red onion. At most carts “salad” is just lettuce and tomato so it was a nice surprise to see that they had additional veggies to choose from!

The chicken had a really nice rub on it which is an element not usually found on "street meat". It added and extra kick and an additional flavor component! The hot sauce was one of the best I've had...it was nice and fiery but was also full of pepper flavor. And even the white sauce had a zip to it....my lunch ended up H-O-T!! Just the way I like it, but if you can’t handle spicy this cart might not be your favorite! 

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  1. I agree big fan of Rafiqui's spice rub on the chicken and the extra veggies on their salad, no other cart has those as far as I can tell. A lot of people hate on Rafiqi's and maybe they have had problems with one particular cart they are close to but the two or three I've been too have all been consistently good.