Dos Caminos

When I think Mexican food, my mind does not display a farmers market vegetable quesadilla, tuna ceviche, or black angus skirt steak – I picture big overstuffed burritos, gooey enchiladas, and smokey sizzling fajitas! So, needless to the concept of “upscale” Mexican food is not really something I seek out!

Both times I’ve been to Dos Caminos I’ve gone with my great friend Vicky! This time around we started with the house made guacamole which was by far the best thing we ate, and some of the best guac I've had in a long time! It’s also served with a trio of salsas & warm corn tortilla chips which were a nice addition! 

 I embraced the modern menu and went with the $17 fish tacos…because come on, fish tacos rock! These were grilled mahi-mahi topped with spicy slaw, smoked chile aioli, guacamole, in flour tortillas. They were good! Nothing extraordinary (especially for the price tag) but I did love the spicy slaw and the smokey aioli!

Vicky had the chicken taquitos...pulled chicken rolled in crispy corn tortillas, shaved lettuce, queso fresco, and tomatillo-avocado salsa. I had a bite, they were good, but nothing really newsworthy about them! 

The modern Mexican cuisine is served in a chic lounge setting with blaring music, dim lighting, and always packed full of swanky tequila drinkers. Not exactly my favorite scene but I’ve been, I've enjoyed myself! 

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