Food World's Mongolian BBQ

At first glance you’d think that Food World is just one of many large delis in midtown serving everything from soups, salads, and sandwiches to sushi, hot buffet items, and pizza…but there is something special about Food World…and it’s their Mongolian BBQ!

With so many fresh veggies, meats, pastas, and sauces you really could create a different and healthy meal everyday for a year...or longer! One of my favorite things is that you get to serve yourself…just walk in, grab a bowl and fill it up with exactly what you want.


One thing that I dislike about most delis in midtown is the salad bars. They aren't help yourself and the attendant usually gives you a tiny ammount of each veggie, and if you want more than a few veggies the price goes up! I love that it's self service at the Mongolian BBQ bar!

Once you’ve created your masterpiece you simply hand your bowl to one of the chefs and they’ll cook it right in front of you! Another bonus is that they don’t use fat on the grill! It’s a huge circular flat top and they cook each bowl with just the sauce that you add to your bowl and steam.


Food World is located on East 46th between 5th and Madison...A delicious AND healthy lunch option for those who work in the area, like me!

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