Carnegie Deli

Located in Midtown, The Carnegie Deli is a NYC landmark and famous for their HUGE homemade sandwiches!! It's a tourist trap but if you are should check it out! 

When we arrived there was a line of about 20 people out the door so we were surprised to be seated within ten minutes!

When you first walk in you'll be stunned by their impressive meat counter. They cure and smoke their own meats and make the most amazing pickles! (served complimentary before every meal) As you approach the back of the restaurant you'll see the hundreds of pictures of the celebrities who have enjoyed a meal at the Carnegie Deli!

They are most famous for their pastrami, corned beef and brisket sandwiches but when I went I SHARED the "Club Dear"...(there is a $3.00 sharing charge)...

Triple decker turkey with bacon, lettuce, tomato on white bread. We added american cheese. The only way to eat this thing is to break it apart and make your own mini sandwiches! They saw us doing this and brought us a side of extra bread!

We also had the onion rings...the plate of rings was HUGE!! The onion was thinly sliced and the batter was nice and crispy...Yum!

Everything I've tasted from the Carnegie Deli has been pretty good...but I'd say you go here for the experience and not necessarily the cuisine!

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  1. Can't got to the Big Apple without a trip to the Carnegie. The pickles ROCK!!!