Koronet Pizza

In a city that is known for it’s pizza it’s hard to find the “best” slice!

But lucky for me I don’t have to go very far to find a great and enormous slice!!!

I’ve yet to try all of the top pizza places, Joe’s, Ray’s, Artichoke, Di Fara, Sal & Carmines, etc…So I’m not saying that Koronet’s is the best, but damn…they’re doing one heck of a job!

My sister, who comes from Boston, has nicknamed these monstrosities “face pizza” (because it’s waaaay bigger than your face) and requests that we visit Koronet each time she’s in town! She’s even been known to take a slice home for her husband when she visits NYC without him!

Their pizzas always taste fresh and come out of the oven HOT…with a nice thin crust and not too much sauce they serve my favorite style of pizza. To make it even better I bring it home, pop it in my hot oven, and really crisp up the crust…yuuumm!!!

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