The Dead Poet

The Dead Poet is the quintessential Irish Pub! This place loves thier Guinness just like me!

They have even formed a "100 Pint Club" which has over 1000 members (yes..I am one of them!)  They track each members progress and when you reach 100 pints of Guinness, they engrave your name on thier Guinness wall of fame!

After living here for almost a year...I'm only at 8 so it may be quite some time until my efforts are memorialized on this wall!

We ordered the nachos with the chili on the side because we didn’t want all of the chips to get soggy. Little did we know they were going to dump what must have been a whole jar of salsa on top! Our plan for crunchy nachos failed and a soggy mess of chips and salsa arrived. We rolled up our sleeves and dove in anyway. A very weak batch of nachos is you ask me. The good news is the chili alone was great! I wished I had some shredded cheese, hot sauce and a big spoon to enjoy it that way!

We also ordered the buffalo chicken fingers…super gourmet outing for sure (hahaha)

The chicken fingers came crispy with the sauce on the side and they were actually quite good! After looking around the joint and not seeing any door that would lead to a kitchen…my suspicion is that they order their food from somewhere else and have it delivered. This would also explain the extra soggy nachos and why our chili was served in a Styrofoam bowl!!

Although I've been to the poet several times this was the first time I've eaten there. With good chicken fingers and bad nachos I'd guess this place is hit or miss on the "bar food"!

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