The California Avocado Commission's Luncheon with Chef Ivy Stark of Dos Caminos

I was so excited to receive an invitation to this event 
which took place on Saturday, May 19th at the Dos Caminos on Park Ave.

The California Avocado Commission planned this wonderful interactive luncheon for some of their media friends. The event was super fun and a great way to showcase their delectable California Avocados and for us to try some of Ivy’s innovative avocado recipes! I’ll definitely be recreating and blogging about them :) (BIG THANKS to The California Avocado Commission, Dos Caminos, & Chef Ivy Stark)

The afternoon started out with some cheerful cocktails and a Guac-Off Challenge where we broke into teams and competed to see who could make the best Guacamole! In addition to the California Avocados there was a huge assortment of ingredients to use…everything from the standards (tomato, jalapeno, onion) to the wacky (banana’s, hard boiled egg, soy sauce)!!

The invitation I received mentioned the challege and I knew right away if there was bacon provided I wanted to make BLT Guac! Lucky for me bacon was an option and my awesome partner agreed that it sounded yummy! We used bacon, cilantro, tomato, jalapeno, red onion, avocado of course, and seasoned with a little lime juice and salt.  

The array of guacamoles...

I’ll recreate our guac and post a recipe soon! You’ll definitely want it…because IT WON!!! Ivy herself was the judge and my BLT Guac took FIRST PLACE! I’m still super excited about it!

After the Guac-Off we were seated for a very interesting lesson on California Avocados followed by a creative lunch and cooking demonstration by Ivy. The “avocado-centric” menu featured recipes from Ivy’s Mexican Street Food cookbook. 

We started our lunch with Crab Molotes. Ivy gave us a great step by step demo on how to create them and I couldn't wait to sink my teeth in! They were just as delicious as I had expected and I will definitely order them next time I'm at Dos Caminos!

Crab Molotes with Avocado Tomatillo Salsa

The next thing we sampled were avocado tacos. They featured a crispy tempuraed avocado topped with a refreshing slaw and smoked chile aioli. They were so light yet the fried avocado added the perfect amount of substance to the dish without weighing it down!

California Avocado Tacos

And for dessert...Avocado Ice Cream! They honey and lime added a perfect balance to this treat! It was savory, sweet, and a little tart all at the same time! This was one way I NEVER thought of using avocados and I'm happy to report it was quite tasty!

California Avocado Honey Lime Ice Cream

The California Avocado Commission also hooked us up with a wonderful goodie bag full of cool products and a bag of perfect Cali avocados! 

Fresh avocados on hand means look out for lots of avocado recipes to follow!

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