Joe's Shanghai

Let me start with the two most important words...
Soup Dumplings!

Joe's has three locations in New York, one in Chinatown, another in Midtwon Manhattan, and the last is in Flushing, Queens. MANY New Yorkers, celebrities, and tourists seek out Joe's for their famous Joe's Shanghai Soup Dumplings!

All of the food at Joe's was fabulous, but it's no surprise that the dumplings were the star!
Xiao Long Bao (aka Little Dumplings in the Basket) were originated in a suburb of Shanghai. At Joe's they are freshly made to order and when you sit down you are immediatly asked which kind of dumplings (crab meat or pork meat) you're having...because even if you dont know it yet...THEY know that you want some!

The perfect dumplings come to the table piping hot in a bamboo steamer. Each plump dumpling contains a little meatball surrounded by a the most delicious broth. (to prevent burning your mouth and to savor the dumpling, I was taught to bite a tiny hole into the doughy wrapper then drip the broth to a spoon or suck the broth with a "slurp", then eat the rest)

The other wonderful dishes we enjoyed were...

Spring Rolls

Kung Pao Chicken

Shredded Beef

Eggplant with Garlic Sauce

Shanghai Fried Flat Noodle

Over the years, Joe's has been awarded and recognized by the New York Times Restaurant Guide; Gourmet Magazine; Travel and Leisure; New York Magazine and Zagat Survey!

Joe's should absolutely be on your New York City bucket list!!

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