Gravy has a contemporary southern style, serving traditional favorites like 
Po' Boys and biscuits & gravy among modern dishes like their BLT & D 
(Black Pepper Bacon, Duck Confit, Romaine with Tomato Aioli). 

I visited Gravy with a group of friends for brunch and we had a great time!

I started my day with an omelette...packed with cheese, bacon, and mushroom. It was HUGE and very tasty! And surprisingly the potatoes were the star, they were perfectly crispy and tender and dusted in delicious herbs and spices! I'm usually able to stay away from breakfast potatoes... but not these!!

Omelette - Choice of 3: 
Bacon, Mushrooms, Red Peppers 
Arugula, Spinach, Cheddar Cheese
Goat Cheese, Red Onions, Asparagus
Ham, Chilies

My husband went the the Tasso Benedict (sans arugula, cause he's scared of veggies!) and it was also very good! The chipotle hollandaise had a nice smokey heat and it made the dish truly unique. The only bummer was that the ham wasn't crispy. 

Tasso Benedict
Poached Eggs, Crispy Tasso Ham
Arugula, Chipotle Hollandaise

For the table, we ordered the biscuits & gravy and honey grits! I don't claim to be an expert on either of these dishes but my Carolina boy has had me sampling his favorite southern treats for 7 years now! 

I'm a savory food fan so the honey grits didn't knock my socks off...Gravy's lunch menu features Grits Three Ways (Honey, Cheesy, and Porky) which I had planned on ordering, but because we were there for "brunch" they wouldn't make them!! (boo!) 

Honey Grits 

The biscuits and gravy were right up my alley though! They came out a little dry (the biscuit to gravy ratio was off) so we ordered some extra gravy and that did the trick...yum!

Biscuits & Gravy

Overall the brunch was great...even though I didn't get the grits I had my heart set on. 

The lunch and dinner menus are also packed full of mouth watering dishes that I can't wait to try...I'll most definitley be making a trip back, and I WILL get my grits three ways :) 

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