One of my coworkers loves Turkey & Turkish food so for her birthday we ordered lunch from Dervish!!
I’m not at all familiar with Turkish food so I had to do a little research before writing all about it!

After scouring the menu and asking lots of questions, I decided on the Grilled Lamb Adana. Adana is typically a long, hand-minced meat kebab mounted on a wide iron skewer and grilled on an open mangal filled with burning charcoal. It’s named after Adana, the fifth largest city of Turkey and was originally known as the Kıyma kebabı (minced meat kebab) or as just Kıyma in Adana-Mersin and the southeastern provinces of Turkey….thank you Wikipedia!!

Another fun fact I learned is that the an “original” Adana is a meter-and-half long, made from hometown meat (only male lamb), red bell peppers and tail fat all hand minced together. Served with charred peppers and tomatoes, onion-sumac-parsley salad, and lavaş.  Sounds like a delicious labor of love!

Grilled Lamb Adana 
Hand Diced Lamb Tenderloin Mixed with Vegetables and Mediterranean Spices 
Over Lavash Bread and served with Cracked Wheat Pilaf

My Adana was served with veggies and bread over pilaf. It was sooo good! I loved the gamey and smoky flavor of the lamb paired with the nutty rice and tangy veggies. After a few bites I made everything into to a sandwich… which was a perfect way to enjoy all of the flavors together! My introduction to Turkish food was wonderful and I'll definitely be enjoying more of this cuisine in the future! 

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