Cobb Salad

Everyone loves a good Cobb Salad...
How can you go wrong with bacon, egg, avocado & cheese! 

The "traditional" Cobb salad has roquefort or blue cheese...
for this one I used cheddar. 

The Cobb Salad is the invention of restaurant manager, Bob Cobb. In 1926, at The Brown Derby, he created this recipe as a way to use up leftovers. 

For more history of the Cobb Salad, check out the History of Salads and Salad Dressings

Be as creative as you want with the ingredients in your Cobb Salad...use up those leftovers!! 

This is what I had on hand...

Black Olives
Cheddar Cheese
Hard Boiled Egg

Wash all your veggies and chop into bite sized pieces. Place your chopped lettuce in a bowl and arrange remaining ingredients on top of the bed of lettuce. Use your dressing of choice and enjoy!

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