Ground Beef Quesadilla

You'll Need- 

Taco Meat (click for my recipe)
Flour Tortillas
Light Shredded Cheese 
LAND O LAKES Butter with Olive Oil & Sea Salt

I LOVE these! Only 60 calories per tortilla and 7 grams of fiber!! 

Start by spreading a small amount of the butter on the outside of your first tortilla. When the pan is nice and hot add the tortilla (butter side down) and add a small layer of cheese. Once the cheese is nice and bubbly take the tortilla out of the pan and set aside. Butter and add the second tortilla to the pan and top with another small sprinkle of cheese and then the taco meat. Cook until the cheese is bubbly. Next, with the cheese side down, place the other tortilla on top and press down so they melt together. Keep cooking and flipping until the outsides are nice and crispy!

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