P.J. Clarke's

Another Manhattan landmark, P. J. Clarke's is a famous saloon that has been around since 1884! Clarke’s is one of New York City’s oldest and most beloved taverns and although it's not a burger joint, what It's most known for its simple and artful burgers.

Clarke's long history also comes with some pretty noteworthy patrons! Frank Sinatra was a regular at P.J. Clarke's, and was considered the "owner" of Table 20! It's been said he was an extremely generous tipper and when he cruised New York bars, he would start out at Sardi's, but he would always end up at P.J. Clarke's! 

Another famous frequenter was Jackie Kennedy Onassis! She would bring John Jr. and Caroline in during the early 1970s for lunch on Saturdays!

We went to the Lincoln Center location and both ordered the Cadillac Burger cooked medium. I added sauteed onions to mine and my husband piled on some of the onion strings!

We also ordered two sides...the fries and the onion strings! 

Let me tell you, these burgers are famous for a reason! They are wonderfully thick homemade patties cooked to perfection! They are seasoned well and super juicy...which also makes them quite messy, but totally worth it! 

The sides were good but not nearly as spectacular as the burgers, but kind of understandable because it would be hard to make something that totally shines next to a burger that great! 

I'd put this on your must try list! I've been to both locations and they were equally delicious! If you're just visiting NYC check out the original location in midtown east! (55th & 3rd). There is so much history there...as their website describes "The pay phone is still "Out of Order", the broken cigarette machine remains broken, and the ashes of one of our favorite patrons, still reside behind the bar. A little terrier faithfully watches "the joint" while P.J.'s famous jukebox plays Frank, Buddy and Sting."

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