West 109 Gourmet Deli

The West 109 Gourmet Deli is actually quite far from gourmet but has won over the young and hungry hearts of Columbia students and is famous in their neck of the woods!

These clever students have also lovingly nicknamed this place "The Crack Del." Now...I've heard two theories on the name "The Crack Del"...The first is that their legendary Spicy Special is so addicting it's like crack OR the second is because people might actually be dealing crack right outside the door. Based on some of the sketchy characters I've seen hanging out outside of the deli, I'm going to guess the latter, but that doesn't stop me from getting the occasional Spicy Special!

I realize this review is off to an interesting start but I must say the Spicy Special really does hit the spot after a night out! It consists of Boar's Head cajun turkey, pepper jack cheese, shredded lettuce, tomato, and a spicy sauce...served on a toasty hot pressed sub roll. The best part is, it rings in at only $4!!

Like I said in the beginning...it's certainly not gourmet but it is pretty darn good!

Before I wrap this up...two more fun facts that make the 109 Crack Del so attractive to the drunken student body of Columbia. It's open 24 hours and will deliver to the dorms. Not just the Spicy Special, but also the beer to wash is down with!!

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  1. Spicy Special is amazingly delicious and inexpensive! It's a nice deli to pop in for coffee, candy bar and a canned soda as well, only 50cents!