Roti Roll - Bombay Frankie

Roti Roll serves the old-fashioned street foods of Bombay. They use traditional recipes and ingredients and are known for their Indian Frankies!

A Frankie is an Indian wrap using roti, a South Asian unleavened bread made from stone ground wholemeal flour. It is widely consumed in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka, and also popular in Caribbean cuisine. The roti is heated up on a flat top grill and stuffed with your choice of protein, chickpeas, paneer, potatoes, and other various goodies! Then topped with raw onions, tomatoes a mild sauce of mint, cilantro, and yogurt. When I go, I ask that they make it spicy and they happily oblige! 

Both times that I've gone, I've ordered the Chicken Malai Frankie and the Lamb Boti Frankie and they are both are so deeeeeelish! The Indian spices are bold, the meats are tender, and the bread is buttery, warm, and perfect! 

Chicken Malai Frankie 
(Chicken Marinated in Cream & Spices)

Lamb Boti Frankie 
(Lamb Marinated in Exotic Indian Spices)

If you're looking for a delicious authentic and quick meal...go to Roti Roll! The Frankies are mouthwateringly delicious and the prices are great!

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  1. Wow! wonderful post! what a nice picture. Way too tempting. Yum! I don't have an outdoor grill, but well now I know I can try in my oven too, so I'm gonna try it out very very soon chinese food