Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto

Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto is a small neighborhood salumi shop and restaurant located in the Upper West Side. Not only do they serve a plentiful array of cured meats, they also have specialty cheeses and Italian tapas!

The menu contains three main parts of Assaggi, or tastings...The Assaggi di Salumi menu offers a huge selection of freshly sliced meats. Each can be ordered individually or in an assortment chosen by the salumiere.  We tried the Guanciale, Spicy Soppressata, and the Speck. 

Cured pork jowl

A coarsely ground, dry-cured sausage 

SPECK (bottom)
Dry-cured, smoked ham 

The Guanciale was a little intimidating because it's basically raw, but cured bacon made from pork cheek. I was pleasantly surprised by it's rich subtle flavor. The Soppressata, a part of the salami family, was peppery and had a nice bold flavor to it.The Speck was slightly smokey and salty. The super thin slices had incredible flavor!

The Formaggi menu features a selection of fine cheeses made from cow, sheep, and goat milk. The formaggi can also be ordered individually or in a selection made by the salumiere. We tried two, the Taleggio which was very soft and mild and the Pecorino which was harder but still crumbly with a nutty flavor.


Soft-ripened cow’s milk cheese aged 40 - 50 days

Six month old sheep’s milk cheese

The Assaggi della Cucina menu features a collection of salads, soups, & small hot dishes that are perfect for sharing! There were soooo many that I wanted to try but we narrowed it down to the Lasagna, the Costina, and the pasta that they had on special.

The Lasagna was some of the best I've ever had. The cheesey crust on top was perfect and the rest just melted away in your mouth. After the first bite my friend's reaction was "OMG..can we order one of these for dessert?!" Soooo good!! 

Famous lasagna with pork and beef ragu and béchamel sauce.

The Costina was simply divine...very meaty and so tender. If I had tried picking it up, the meat really would have fallen off the bone! The simple clean flavors were delicious and really showcased the meat itself...

Spicy Tuscan spare rib, slow-cooked with 
Italian tomatoes, rosemary and garlic.

The pasta special was also amazing! The cauliflower had a wonderful buttery breadcrumb crust which added great a texture and saltiness to the pasta. The fresh herbs and the grated cheese really made this dish shine! 

Artisanal fettuccine and roasted cauliflower 
with fresh Pecorino Romano rosemary and garlic

Salumeria Rosi is VERY small so reservations are definitely needed. There is a huge (very impressive) meat counter accompanied by only one long row of tables for two! The dishes are reasonably priced but the portions are quite small, even for tapas. I'd recommend that you over order to be on the safe side, especially with the cheese course!

Really really really good...check it out!!

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