Ameera's Halal Food Cart

Yes...New Yorkers actually eat the stuff! Street food in NYC has become an art and you can find anything from your average hot dog or pretzel to gourmet meals from chefs like Mario Batali! Ameera's Halal Food is the first one I've's around the corner from my office and unfortunately I'm hooked now!

Prices are cheap, portions are huge and the chicken and lamb over rice is delicious!! Other options include chicken and/or lamb pitas and chicken and/or lamb over salad. One tell-tale sign that the food is good...there is always a line!

When I go, I pass on the rice and get chicken, lamb and veggies over salad with their hot sauce on top. If I  want to "treat" myself I'll get the white sauce too...It's sooooo good but I usually pass and save the extra calories (which I realize is at that point THOSE calories are really going to make a difference?!?!)

There are tons of websites that are dedicated to finding the best food carts and trucks to visit....and I certainly plan on seeking some of them out!

Here are some of the links that highlight the best:

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