Mr. Chow - TriBeca

"To eat at a Mr Chow restaurant is to participate in a roving party, one that has migrated through four decades, three continents, & an awful lot of soup dumplings." -- NY Magazine

"Mr Chow is home to over-the-top everything, from the celebrity scene to the superior spin on Chinese cuisine." -- Zagat

The Tribeca location opened in 2006 by world famous restaurateur Michael Chow and the reviews and buzz about Mr. Chow have been fabulous!

I met some friends here after work one night and right off the bat I was ready to give this place five stars for service and decor! The dining room is stunning and the attention and service from the very beginning was great! When I arrived my friends were at the bar, as soon as we were ready to be seated we were offered their coat check the drinks we had ordered from the bar were taken and actually carried to our table for us!

Mr. Chow serves very upscale Chinese food, family style! The menu is large so I was happy that one of my friends had been there before and could make some recommendations!

We started with the Shanghai Little Dragon, Mr. Chow Noodles and Squab Lettuce Wraps...

Shanghai Little Dragon

Shanghai Little Dragon is simply steamed pork soup dumplings, they were served right out of the steaming baskets and came to the table super fresh and piping hot! They were reeeeally good!

Mr. Chow Noodles

These are classic handmade Beijing noodles. Mr. Chow introduced these to the west in 1968 as one of his signature dishes, so of course we wanted to try them! When they arrived at the table, the noodles were were a little too sticky and clumped together and were topped with what I would describe as an Asian Bolognese. I expected them to have a bit more flavor because they were a little bland, but after adding some of the spicy sauce that they had on the table, I enjoyed them!!

Squab Lettuce Wraps

Next, we had the Squab Lettuce Wraps. Squab is meat from a young pigeon and is very similar in taste to dark meat chicken. I love lettuce wraps and thought these were very good! Even with the meat being squab, they were very simple and light! I loved the plain iceberg lettuce as well…it was cold and crunchy and the perfect vehicle for the filling!  

Emperor's Crab

Because it's October and fresh crab is out of season our Emperor's Crab was made with sea bass instead. My friend had ordered this her first time at Mr. Chow and raved about it! When it got to the table the sight, slimy texture, and the raw egg kinda freaked me out! My friend and I are usually on the same wave length when it comes to food so I trusted her and dug right in!! At first, I was turned off by the texture but after a few bites I came around and really enjoyed this dish! One of my favorite things about eating out with other people is that you get to try so many things that you may have never ordered!

Sliced Pork With Chili

Our waiter recommended this dish and we were very happy with his selection. There was nothing really fancy about it, it was just wonderfully elevated Chinese food! The spices were bold, the pork was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside and the mixed Asian veggies were fresh and delicious!

Sautéed Baby Bok Choy

Steamed Rice

The sides that we ordered... Bok Choy and Steamed Rice were both pretty standard!  Very good, but nothing really extraordinary about them either!

Overall this dinner was great... and I'm so happy that I've now experienced what the buzz is all about!!

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