We visited the Amber on the upper east side. They serve Pan-Asian entrees and have an impressive sushi bar as well. The décor is quite fantastic with all different textured walls (some brick, stone, bamboo, etc) and very comfy seating! We stumbled upon Amber after not getting into the restaurant we’d planned on eating at (Flex Mussels) and we ended up so happy we’d found this place!

We started out with some ginger flavored cocktails to put us in the mood for some delicious Asian food! They were surprisingly reasonably priced and very yummy!

For dinner we ordered a bunch of stuff to share… Yellowtail Tartar, Broiled Mussels, a Triple Toro Roll and the Indian Pan.

The Yellowtail Tartar was served with a splash of wasabi citrus and was presented to us in a glowing bowl! The tuna was super fresh and cold and the little hints of wasabi were perfect!

Next we tried the Broiled New Zealand Mussels with mild spicy mayo. They were served on the half shell, individually prepared and smothered in the spicy mayo sauce. I've never had mussels served this way and this dish was to die for…I would love the recipe for that sauce!!

We also shared the Triple Toro tuna toro, salmon toro, & yellowtail toro on top of spicy avocado cucumber roll. This was also very fresh and delicious!

The last thing we shared was the Indian Pan - Fried Noodles with shrimp. This dish was a little sweet, a little nutty and a little spicy. A very well rounded and tasty addition to our meal!

Another great find in the big apple!

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