Kuma Inn

The Kuma Inn doesn't look like much from the outside...the entrance is very discreet and it's only marked with 113 painted down the door frame. It's located on the second floor and as you walk up it's just like walking up a steep apartment stairwell. The initial view of this place will leave you a little skeptical but once you're inside the decor is cute and the food will speak for itself...It's delicious!

We went with a group of four and ordered what seemed to be a ton! My friend who's lived in the city for years was introduced to the Kuma Inn by a native New Yorker! She's been raving about the place for months so when it came down to deciding what we'd like to try, we left it up to her!

The Kuma Inn serves Filipino tapas. Each item comes to the table as it's ready... hot and fresh directly out of the kitchen!

We tried a bunch of different things...

Ahi Tuna - The tuna was fabulous and very fresh! It was beautifully presented and perfectly seared just around the edges.

Chinese Sausage - served with sticky rice and a hot chili oil that will blow your head off if you use too much! My heat tolerance is pretty darn high and this stuff got me! The pork is sliced thin and served nice and crispy! Get the rice and a piece of pork in your chopsticks...take a dip into the chili oil and you'll have the perfect bite...this was my favorite dish!

Edamamde - not your ordinary edamame! These were served in a mint & lime broth and were perfectly salty and sour! I'm definitely going to try and recreate these!

Pork buns - when these first arrived I had no idea what to expect...They looked like little pulled pork sandwiches! The buns were steamed and perfectly soft and fluffy! They were stuffed with delicious shredded pork and topped with daikon and green onion! It was the most delicious pulled pork finger sammie I've ever had!

Shrimp shumai - These little dumplings were great and you could see and taste the generous portion of shrimp inside!

We also had the mussels, served in a coconut curry and lemongrass broth. They were also quite tasty! (Although, hard to conquer with chopsticks!) They were a little on the sweet side but the flavor was great and different than anything else on our table! Lastly, we had the vegetable fried rice which was cooked very well and was also quite good but I found myself using the super spicy chili oil from the sausage to give it even more of a kick!

Everything was absolutely wonderful and I can't wait to go back!

** Added Bonus **

The Kuma Inn is BYOB with only a $5 corking fee!
Grab your buddies, a couple bottles of wine and feast away!!!

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