Cooking seafood can be intimidating especially if you live in a tiny apartment. In my first place I refused because I was scared the whole place would smell like fish for days! I've since learned it's all about what type of fish you choose and how you prepare it. The great thing about shellfish is that it barley smells when you cook it BUT you need to get the shells in the garbage and outside ASAP!!

My lovely sister taught me the "rules" of steaming with her beautiful New England shellfish!

You'll Need -

Fresh Littleneck Clams (hard shell clams)
2 Tbsp of Cornmeal
1/3 Cup of Salt
A Lobster Pot

To prepare the clams you'll need to add the salt and cornmeal into a large bowl. Scrub the shells and then add the clams into the bowl and cover with water. Soak for at least an hour. The cornmeal will cause the clams to expel any sand in their shells. Rinse them after soaking.

Boil about 2 inches of water at the bottom of the lobster pot and add the clams. Cover the pot and steam for about 7 minutes or until all of the shells are open. Discard and clams that do not open!

At each place setting provide a mug or bowl of warm water and a small ramekin of melted butter.

Pull each clam out if it's shell and remove the dark membrane from it's neck. First dip the clam in the warm water to make sure there aren't any last stubborn grains of sand attached! Then dip into the melted butter and...ENJOY!!

They make a great appetizer and in the summer and we always share a big bowl of these before cooking fresh Maine Lobster at home!

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