Pommes Frites

Pommes Frites is the place to go for amazing french fries…they are Belgium style from freshly cut potatoes and come to you piping hot!! The trick to these delicious... crispy on the outside and soft on the inside fries... is that the potatoes are fried twice! The first time is to cook them through, the second time gives them the golden color and makes them super crispy!

The fries are served in paper cones and the portions are huge! We went just for a snack and shared the regular size (the smallest) and we didn't come close to finishing them!

The fries alone are fabulous but the other thing about Pommes Frites that rocks, is the 27...yup 27 different dipping sauces they offer! They’ll even let you sample the fries and taste each sauce until you’ve found your favorite!

Here is the impressive list of sauces they offer:

1.Vietnamese Pineapple Mayo        
2. Roasted Garlic Mayo       
3. Rosemary Garlic Mayo       
4. Sweet Mango Chutney Mayo       
5. Honey Mustard Mayo       
6. Wasabi Mayo       
7. Sundried Tomato Mayo       
8. Horseradish Mayo       
9. Pesto Mayo       
10. Dill Lemon Mayo       
11. Smoked Eggplant Mayo       
12. Pomegranate Teriyaki Mayo       
13. Parmesan Peppercorn       
14. Blue Cheese       
15. Cheddar Cheese       
16. Peanut Satay       
17. Mexican Ketchup       
18. Curry Ketchup       
19. Dijon Mustard       
20. Barbecue       
21. Sweet Chilli       
22. Sambal Olek hot chilli paste      
23. War Sauce fritte sauce, peanut satay & raw onion      
24. Curry Ketchup Especial fritte sauce, curry ketchup & raw onion      
25. Irish Curry       
26. Wild Mushroom Mayo
27. Black Truffle Mayo

The selection is overwhelming and in hindsight we should have tried more, especially since they are only a buck each! We went with the war sauce the black truffle mayo…both were delicious and a nice change from ketchup!

Pommes Frites is a tiny hole in the wall with very limited seating and it's a NYC “street food” must!

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