Fatty Crab

The Fatty Crab serves Southeast Asian tapas.  We visited their upper west side location and had a nice time!  I'd been hearing wonderful things about their food and happy hour specials so I was very excited to check it out! We arrived in time for happy hour and ordered some Tsing Tsao. The happy hour snack menu consisted of Steamed Buns (veggie or pork), Jalan Alor Chicken Wings or Fatty Sliders (which are mini, spiced pork & beef burgers). We tried the Steamed Pork Buns and were surprised to learn they are made with pork belly. Pork belly is another one of those foods I keep hearing about and have wanted to try. They were very good, a little on the fatty side but that's what I would expect from pork belly!

Steamed Pork Buns

We left the bar and took our seats at our table. The seating there is a little crowed. There seemed to be plenty of room and empty tables and they squeezed us into a table that was surrounded by two empty ones with only about 3 inches on each side. Once we managed to get to our chairs and sit, we were fine, but it was little a little weird to be crowed by two other tables like that.

Once we were settled we ordered a few other things to share. We asked for the waiters recommendations, telling him we were looking for some spicy food. He recommended the okra and the Nasi Lemak which is coconut rice with curried chicken, a poached egg and otak, served with fish chips. The okra was also a first for me. I have heard mixed reviews on it in the past. This version was sauteed in a spicy chili sauce and was actually my favorite dish of the night! I think the sauce must have masked the strange texture that some people don't like about okra. The rice was great as well and also had little bites of shrimp and pork belly mixed in it as well.


Nasi Lemak

The other two dishes we tried where the Watermelon Pickle & Crispy Pork and the Shrimp & Belly. The Shrimp & Belly featured small sauteed shrimp served with very thinly sliced pork belly. This was the dish I was most excited to try and was left disappointed. The pork belly reminded me of uncooked bacon and I was not at all impressed with it. The shrimp was average, cooked fine but overall the dish was a disappointment.

Shrimp & Belly

The Watermelon Pickle & Crispy Pork was quite good, although I'm sure my arteries would beg to differ. This dish was chucks of lightly pickled watermelon served with deep fried pork belly. It was an interesting combination on flavors and textures and we all really enjoyed it!

 Watermelon Pickle & Crispy Pork

Our bill was presented with a surprise treat...Mochi Cake...and it was VERY yummy!!

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