Morimoto is the Asian Fusion Restaurant by The Food Network's Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto. It's located in the meatpacking district here in NYC but there are a few other locations in the USA.

For our meal at Morimoto we ordered several items for our table to share. The first was the Morimoto Sashimi which is seared toro, salmon, eel, tuna, hamachi, served with five different sauces in little droppers! It was interesting to test out all of the different sauces. Each one seemed to bring out a different flavor in the fish! The presentation was great...colorful, clean and modern! It was a super first impression!

We also ordered the shrimp tempura, which was very lightly breaded and cooked perfectly! The sauces were both a little sweet and spicy and a great combination!

Next we tried the Udon which was not served in the traditional way. It was deconstructed and served chilled with three different types of noodles that were accompanied by fresh ginger, sesame seeds, shiso and green onions. It was fun to play with the noodles and sides and create different flavors for each bite!

For main courses we had the Sea Bass and the Angry Chicken. The Sea Bass was divine! It was light and simple and the fish was definitely very fresh. The texture was perfect and it melted in your mouth.

The Angry Chicken was also great! It's a marinated half chicken and fire roasted hot peppers in a spicy chicken jus...served with a giant mound of fried rice noodles! This dish tasted both Indian and Asian inspired. The flavors were bold and they all worked really well together!

To end the meal on a sweet note we also shared the Apple Turban ...finely sliced apple and pineapple served with an apple-cider vanilla sauce and cinnamon ice cream...yummm!!!

The food was spectacular, the decor is dramatic and the ladies room is an experience in its own! have to go while you're there (AND push all of the buttons, hehehe!)

Morimoto was great and it was everything I would have expected from an Iron Chef!!

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