Absolute Bagels

New York City's bagels are world renowned so make sure you try one if you're here visiting!

Most people credit NYC's tap water for the delicious difference in NYC bagels (and pizza dough), and several restaurants around the country actually have Manhattan's tap water shipped to them! 

Absolute Bagels is located right around the corner from my apartment and is definitely a neighborhood favorite! It's a madhouse on the weekends and the line is usually out the door, so be prepared! The good news is, it moves fast! Everything is made fresh on site each day and every time I've gone I've seen the fresh bagels being cooked behind the counter! 

The bagels from Absolute Bagels have that nice chewy layer on the outside and are fluffy and doughy on the inside! They are by far the best bagels I've ever had...I love them! 

Plain Bagel & Everything Bagel

I picked these up on Christmas Eve and brought them to my family for Christmas breakfast...They were a hit! My dad and mom both agreed that they were the best bagels they've ever had too...even a day old! 

The bagels are not the only thing made fresh daily...they have an awesome variety of cream cheeses that have all fresh ingredients added to them...Check out the list: 

Chives & Garlic 
Olive & Pimentos 
Bacon & Cheddar   
Lox Spread     
Sun Dried Tomatoes     
Walnut And Raisin     
Salmon And Chives 

To go with our bagels, I picked up a jalapeno and a scallion cream cheese - both were super rich and velvety with big fresh veggies mixed in. Together the bagels and cream cheeses are PERFECT! 

The bagel sandwiches are also terrific! I've tried the bacon egg and cheese, turkey BLT, and chicken salad and all three of them were great! 

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