Vietnamese Pho

Traditioanl Pho is a clear beef broth with white rice noodles called bánh pho 
and slim cuts of beef on top. You can also top it with chicken, pork, or shrimp!
 To keep this recipe light and healthy I omit the noodles.

You'll Need- 
5 Cups of Broth (beef, chicken, or vegetable)
2 Eggs (one scrambled, one whole)
2 Teaspoons of Fish Sauce 
Water Chestnuts
2-3 Thai Chili Peppers (sliced)
Fresh Parsley 
Fresh Bean Sprouts

Bring the broth, chilies, and fish sauce to a boil. Stir in the scrambled egg. Next crack the whole egg and drop it in the broth. The egg will take about 5-6 minutes to be fully cooked. Next drop in a handful of each: parsley, mushrooms, and water chestnuts. Simmer for a minute or so and then remove from heat. 

Add in the bean sprouts and chives. Garnish with a few drop of sriracha. 

You can also top with chicken, beef, shrimp, or pork! (I didn't add any meat this time around!)

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