Osteria Morini

Osteria Morini brings the cuisine of the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy to New York City! Osteria Morini is named after Michael White’s mentor Gianluigi Morini. White worked in Emilia-Romagna for seven years before opening Osteria Morini in 2010.  Both Chef White and Osteria Morini have been recognized and awarded since the restaurant's opening...

Osteria Morini received one star in the NY Times, 4/5 stars from Time Out New York and is on Adam Platt’s list of Best New Restaurants. Michael White was most recently nominated for a 2011 James Beard Award for Best Chef: NY!

The décor at Osteria Morini is just as authentic as the menu! Chef White actually dismantled and shipped components from an Italian 1700s-era farmhouse to create the restaurant! He used the original terracotta floors and timbers to line the ceiling. The large cast iron door is from the farmhouse and even the restroom doors were formerly bedroom doors at the farmhouse! Although it’s very interesting to look at I can't say it's that comfortable! The tables are squished together and both times I’ve been, it’s been super crowded and noisy. It's a little frustrating at first but once you get settled it will be an enjoyable experience!

The food was great! I took my family here and we shared everything that we ordered...

We stared with some cured meats and Italian cheeses...they were absolutely delicious and a great way to start off our meal!

Prosciutto di parma
Speck smoked prosciutto

Capra Sarda - semi-soft goat’s milk cheese
Paglierina - soft cow’s milk cheese
Fegatini duck liver mousse, passito wine
Assorted Breads

We also started with the lasagna which was super rich and delicious! I've had this handmade specialty both times that I've been to Osteria Morini...it's soooooo heavenly!

Lasagna Verde
 Traditioanl Lasagna with ragu antica, béchamel, and parmigiano

Next we ordered the Gramigna, TagliatelleStracotto, Branzino, and Braciola!!

The Gramigna was my favorite...the pasta was so perfect! The components were nice and simple but the spicy sausage really made the dish rich and savory!

Macaroni with pork sausage, tomato, cream, and black pepper

The tagliatelle was also simple yet gorgeous! The handcrafted tagliatelle was immaculate and the ragú antica was meaty yet light and had such a nice rustic flavor!

Wide ribbon pasta with ragú antica topped with fresh parmigiano

The stracotto was also great! I absolutely love short ribs and these were topnotch! I loved that this dish was extremely wholesome, simple and unpretentious!

Sangiovese-braised beef short rib served over mashed potato
and topped with caramelized root vegetables

The branzino and braciola were both underwhelming. Especially compared to the sultry pastas! They both seemed to lack passion and gusto.


Grilled mediterranean sea bass filet with salsa verde, market beans & tomato sofrito

Grilled duroc end-cut pork chop served with fingerling potatoes, greens, olives

Lastly, we shared a side of brussels sprouts which happened to be the best I've ever had!! The salty pancetta and sweet onions went so well with the spicy bite in the brussels!

                                              Brussels sprouts, pancetta, and onions

Overall it was a great meal! Handcrafted, authentic and spirited flavors. Definitely stick to the homemade pastas...this is clearly Chef White's sweet spot!

Getting a table is difficult to make sure you plan ahead and make your reservation far in advance! 

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