Faces & Names

Faces & Names is a cozy lounge in Midtown and has a big happy hour crowd! My husband works in this area of the city so I've been here a few times after work. The last time I visited Face & Names it was a Saturday afternoon and it was empty! To their credit the Jets were playing the Giants so I suspect most people were screaming at TVs either in the comfort of their own homes, or at their favorite rowdy sports bar!

The decor is pretty interesting, the walls are adorned with creepy/cool paintings of celebrities. They have a large bar in the front when you walk in and swanky lounge with sofas and coffee tables set up in the back. Very cozy! 

They have a great appetizer menu so we sampled a BUNCH of them!! 

Little Rickies (Mini Cubans)

These were yummy! Cubans are one of my favorites so of course I loved these mini ones! The toasty buns were great and after adding the pickle slices that came on the side, they were a home run! 

Buffalo Wings

The wings were also awesome! Super crispy and the sauce was perfect! 

Mini Corn Dogs

 Cute and whimsical but not impressive at all. 
The breading was bland and dry and there was way too much of it. 

Fried Pickles 

These were also too heavily breaded which left them totally greasy... 
The breading didn't have very much flavor so we were also not wowed by these!

Mini Chicken Tacos   

 Looooved these...the shells were so light and flaky! 


The dumplings were also awesome...the dipping sauce was delicious!

Overall I'd say this is a pretty cool place to grab some drinks and snacks if you're in midtown! Prices are reasonable and its always been a reliable place for us to have a fun and tasty time!

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