Famous Original Ray's Pizza


“We use only the finest ingredients
Come taste the difference at Ray's Pizza
Every pie made to order”

That’s the slogan on their webpage so I’ll start there! First the good news, If you order a whole pie, that statement is true! The pizzas were made to order and while we waited for ours we were able to watch each pie get thrown, sauced, topped, and placed in the oven! However, if you’re ordering by if the slice, you’ll choose a pre-made piece from the display pizzas and they’ll warm it up for you in the pizza oven.  From the amount of people we saw come through, I’d guess that those go pretty fast and are still relatively fresh! 

The part of the slogan that's a fabrication is the “we use only the finest ingredients”…
While we waited and watched we saw them restock the toppings which came out of huge bulk sized packages…they were certainly NOT fresh ingredients! After eating the pizza I can’t say they were terrible but if I were Ray's I wouldn't consider a 10lb bag of prepackaged pepperoni the "finest of ingredients"!

We got take-out from Rays and decided to share a large pepperoni pie with with tomatoes added to half and we also tried a Philly cheese steak.

I was actually surprised by the Philly! The bread was great, the peppers weren't overpowering, and the meat had great seasoning! It might actually be one of the best I’ve had! (I have not been to Philly to try a REAL one, but it’s on my bucket list!) Ray's Philly was just the standard Philly that we all know and love…nothing gourmet or fancy about it...just simple and done right! 

The pizza wasn't too bad either! Definitely not my favorite here in NYC (see my post on Koronet) but it is traditional NYC style and my folks who were in town visiting loved it! The dough was way better than anything they can get at home! 

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