Sparks Steak House

Although this was my first time to Sparks, I've been hearing a story about it for years. My parents have been there several times and the first time they went my Dad ordered the sirloin and my Mom ordered the filet. Their waiter very politely explained that the sirloin is their specialty and tried to convince her to change her order! Being the hard headed German that she is, she wasn’t convinced and decided to stay with the filet…The waiter laughed and told her if she liked her filet better than my Dad’s sirloin he would personally buy her steak! The food came to the table and it was the moment of truth…she liked the sirloin better and the waiter got to keep his $45!

This time around there were no doubts when ordering, we all went with sirloins for our entrees and shared some really enjoyable appetizers and salads!

Scottish Smoked Salmon

Oysters on the Half Shell 

Sliced Tomato And Onion with Roquefort Cheese Dressing

Caesar Salad

All of the steaks were cooked perfectly…one black and blue, one medium rare and two mediums…all absolutely PERFECT! Each one had a delicious crust on the outside and was perfectly red (or blue if you’re my husband!) inside. We also shared the creamed spinach and a bake potato for sides!

Prime Sirloin Steak
boneless shell steak from premium steers

Service was outstanding! Our waiter, Yavid was so warm and friendly and really made us feel at home! We’ve been to other steakhouses in the past where the waiters were rude, rushed, and pushy (peter lugers to name the worst offender) and at Sparks it was the complete opposite! Yavid was truly a special addition to an already wonderful evening!

Of course prices are high (welcome to the world of steakhouses in NYC) but the portions are VERY generous so you wont be disappointed about that!  

* * * 

Sparks is another NYC landmark with quite the interesting history! Sparks is where the Gambino crime family bosses Paul Castellano & Thomas Bilotti were gunned down in 1985. The hit was under the orders from John Gotti and up until recently there was still a bullet lodged in the telephone pole outside! 

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