Frickles (Fried Pickles)

The beer batter makes these frickles nice and light! 
They are super easy to make and a great (unhealthy!) snack while watching football! 

You'll Need - 

Pickles (cut into chips)
3/4-1 Cup of Beer
2 Eggs Yolks
1-2 Cups of Flour
1 Teaspoon of Old Bay
2-3 Tablesoons of Hot Sauce 
Salt & Pepper
Vegetable or Canola Oil (for frying)

Heat your fryer or pot of oil to 350 degrees. In a small bowl, whisk the yolks, hot sauce, and 3/4 cup of the beer. Slowly whisk in enough flour to form a batter. If the batter gets too thick just slowly add in the remaining beer. We like ours lightly breaded so our batter is comparable to a pancake batter in consistency! Next season the batter with old bay, salt, and pepper. 

Place a small handful of pickle chips into the batter. Using tongs make sure they are coated evenly and individually place them into the heated oil. Fry for about 3 minutes. Place the fried pickles on a paper towel to drain excess oil. Season with a touch of salt on top. Repeat until all of the pickles chips are fried and enjoy!

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Thanks Elizabeth...saw this on pinterest and just added a little extra spice!!

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